Interview: Ady Croasdell of 6T’s 100 Club Shows

December 19, 2014


Ady Croasdell at the 100 Club

Keeping the faith 35 years on with Northern Soul stalwart, Ady Croasdell.

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If Bitcoin’s the answer, what’s the question?

October 9, 2014



Finally, here is a store of wealth that’s suited to the 21st century. It’s certainly far better than a bit of plastic. What could be simpler?

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Why I Love The Smiths

September 19, 2014



The Smiths formed because they walked home in the rain too much so it goes. But they were the songs that saved my life.

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1 is the loneliest number. But it doesn’t have to be.

August 27, 2014



Being self-defeatist is a hurdle we must and can jump over. But it takes a positive mindset, the right support and help to do so.

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My No.1 album of all-time: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

August 22, 2014



Ever since its release in 1991, there's not been a single record that has matched it in terms of imagination. In fact, it's quite possibly the most original album in the last 20 years.

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My top 10 albums of all time

August 21, 2014



In my humblest of opinions, every record on this list is timeless. They sound as good now as they did when they were released or when I listened to them for the first time.

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The appeal of Northern Soul

August 19, 2014



Northern Soul is a wholly different family to what some might be used to with other followings and subcultures because there’s nothing else quite like it.

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