My top 10 albums of all time

August 21, 2014



In my humblest of opinions, every record on this list is timeless. They sound as good now as they did when they were released or when I listened to them for the first time.

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The appeal of Northern Soul

August 19, 2014



Northern Soul is a wholly different family to what some might be used to with other followings and subcultures because there’s nothing else quite like it.

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Depression isn’t something you can snap out of

August 18, 2014



There’s no methodical, cut and thrust way to get rid of feeling blue, but everyone has their own light at the end of a tunnel. You don’t have to row yourself through a stormy sea all on your own.

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The Future Of Bitcoin – In Brick Lane

December 4, 2013


Around six months ago it would have been hard to imagine Bitcoin at $100, much less $1000. But thanks to bank bailouts in Cyprus, civil unrest worldwide and waning trust in depreciating currencies, the people and the markets have reacted accordingly – in March of this year the price of BTC to the dollar jumped to $50, […]

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Approaching 30 – a time to reflect, rather than forget

October 26, 2013


In a little more than three months time, I shall be reaching a point in my life where it’ll all be downhill. Where it’ll be all about mortgages, family planning, joint accounts and ISA’s. Nights of gigging on a daily basis will be told as though it be folklore from days of yore. But then, […]

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Money Can Buy Everything Except Spiritual Enlightenment

December 26, 2012


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Boxing Day may as well be symbolized by a ringing till and hoards of queues with the odd pitched tent if what the mainstream media has you believe. The excitement of people practically falling over one another to get a cardigan they didn’t need to begin with is a fascinating one. What is it with […]

An interview with an Anti-Zionist Rabbi in London

December 14, 2012


Neturei Karta at Nakbah demo

Long time no blog. Where have I been? Oh, just doing some stuff. In any case, there’s a few special treats to end the year with, including the video above with Rabbi Jacob Weiss of human rights organisation, Rabbis for Palestine. It took place in mid-November during Israel’s invasion of Gaza, with a large congragation […]

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