EXCLUSIVE: ​Mayor of Seoul Interview

July 25, 2019


In early June, I headed out to South Korea for the DMZ Peace Train Festival and Conference, where the Mayor, Park Won-Soon gave 15 minutes of his time to talk to me exclusively about the festival, plans for the city and his $100m pledge to make Seoul a music hub, in the wake of BTS […]

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China 2016 Part 2 – Beijing

January 29, 2017


The transit from Shanghai to Beijing from the very start was the journey from hell. I left my hostel with a throat infection and feeling feverish, dripping with sweat as I boarded my Metro train to catch my scheduled Bullet Train. Time is running against me to catch my said Bullet train with barely minutes […]

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China 2016 Part 1 – Hong Kong, Macau & Shanghai

October 18, 2016


Last November whilst I was away in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, a friend who moved out to China 6 years ago sent me a message out of the blue inviting me over and visit him. At first I thought, I didn’t know how seriously to take his offer. About a couple of weeks later […]

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Choosing Love and Yoga with Palestinians in the Canary Islands

August 19, 2016


I came to Fuerteventura looking for yoga and sun; I returned home feeling loved with a new family.

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David Sye Interview – part 2

April 28, 2016


Following on from Part 1 of the interview with Yogabeats founder David Sye, here’s part 2, where we’re sat just after dinner, talking about why he doesn’t give a shit for yoga, being threatened with a lynching at an anti-fur event and the future of the collective consciousness. Can you talk me through the initiative […]

David Sye Interview Part 1

March 28, 2016


Back in November I spent a week in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands at a yoga retreat, as part of a humanitarian campaign called Yogabeats. The objective, via raising £17,000 – to pay for visas and a safe passage out of the West Bank – through crowdfunding and other means of fundraising, was to bring […]

Film Review: Ex Machina

February 5, 2015


Ex Machina is in equal parts elegant, minimal and sexy.

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