US Foreign Policy, Israel and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Posted on February 8, 2012


In November 2002, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon demanded that the Bush administration should turn its full attention on Iran “the day after” the Iraq invasion was over. True to form with the tail wagging the dog – and its clear to know full well who does what within Congress – the drums of war begin to beat steadily, hurtling towards a seemingly inevitable military assault.

In the story of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, there can be common parallels drawn between US foreign policy and Israel, with the two being closely aligned as the Sorcerer and indeed the apprentice. It’s obviously well documented that past administrations have pledged their full support of Israel’s actions in the Middle East, in spite of an annual $3bn in aid, F-16 fighter jets and unconditional support. But here, something feels altogether different. It’s as though the apprentice of sorts, wants to take over the reigns and go it alone if need be for striking first blood at Tehran’s nuclear facilities, with or without the US or EU’s help.

But with Tel Aviv acting as the apprentice of relative sorts being the smaller country in land mass, recklessly plunging into a mindless confrontation with Iran, without taking heed of the potentially seismic consequences and pitfalls involving more than just the EU and US. It’s this out of control behaviour, regardless of how well executed Israel’s superior military capabilities and army in the region are. In short, Iran is not Iraq. So the stage is set for this updated mind game of cold war for 2012 with the threats from both sides read straight from the Iraq invasion hymn book around this time almost a decade ago. There are also lessons to be learnt from that conflict in how to create deep hatred via wanton destruction.

So with Washington having enough problems at home, it reluctantly – despite their involvement in Afghanistan and drones hovering around Pakistan and the Libyan conflict a year ago – and via intense lobbying with Zionist interests, is involved in being dragged along the Middle Eastern map, striking a mast in this latest of conquests. It started some time ago – In 2011, the Obama administration agreed to spend $150m on Iranian regime change alone.

But will Israel, like the Sorcerer with its military nous and support be able to go alone in any case? One would confidently say it shouldn’t be a problem. These numbers, with deep hatred of the State of Israel, from the civilians of the wider region anyway, much like the buckets of water that wouldn’t stop under the apprentice’s command with the sorcerer’s absence, will not respond to any form of diplomacy and who has what in their nuclear arsenal.

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