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Why Krusty the Klown epitomises commercialism

March 21, 2012


Like many, The Simpsons is a staple in my daily viewing and will watch at 6pm without fail whenever I’m home. The day-to-day inner workings of America’s first animated family is a familiar one to us. And their many other characters are just as well known. And I’ll bet a bottom dollar you can put […]

The bubble has finally burst – This is Year Zero

March 12, 2012


It’s finally happened. The honeymoon period, if you can call it that is over. If it ever really began, mind. The last decade was prolonging and holding off what was completely and inevitable. This was as certain to have happened as night follows day. What could I be possibly be nattering on about? Well, what […]

My attachment to record stores

March 11, 2012


I was out and about in Central London window shopping recently, browsing around for bargains to be had, whilst I have barely a penny to my name that is addressed to me on my bank statements every month. Because like most of us, I’m quite the consumerist, I like my food and I’m also a […]

The emergence of Muslim Footballers in the Premier League

March 5, 2012


In a world of money, fame, and living to excess with footballers stumbling outside nightclubs and strip joints at 2.45am on the morning before a match, it appears that now more than ever, the gap widens between the loyal blue collared fan and the fly-by-night, cash-strewn footballers in the Premier League. Everything about the Premiership […]