Palestinian hunger strikers demo + interview with PSC Director Sarah Colborne

Posted on April 29, 2012


A Palestinian Hunger strike demonstration took place opposite Downing Street yesterday afternoon (28th April 2012), which was organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Around 100 people turned up to battle the inclement weather conditions to show their presence in reaction to the approximately 2000 prisoners held in custody without charge in Israel’s detention centres that are currently on hunger strike, calling on the government to act to end Israel’s policy of Administrative Detention and to free all Palestinian political prisoners. At least 5000 Palestinians are held in detention without charge at this time.

At the beginning of the demo a few male volunteers had their hands cuffed with plastic and knelt down surrounding placards of political prisoners currently being detained in Israeli cells in a show of solidarity.

As the rain fell harder after a few short minutes they were released. The rest of those in attendance held placards and some distributed handouts and pamphlets to passers-by curious of the current struggle faced by Palestinians. Other groups in attendance included other pro-Palestinian and socialist organisations.

From tomorrow (April 30) until Saturday they will continue to campaign from 6-7pm in support of the hunger strikers detained.

I also took a few moments to ask a few words on issues regarding the demo as well as issues surrounding Palestine with the PSC Director Sarah Colborne. A short Q+A video will be uploaded imminently.

Colbourne off-camera told of the event being a success in terms of numbers and overall objectives set out.  A little incoherent on my part perhaps but I came unprepared and decided on an impromptu interview on the spur of the moment.

UPDATE (1st May 2012): Video interview now uploaded here:

Also below is a gallery of pics from yesterday’s event:

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