Rachel Corrie further dents Israel’s losing battle of public opinion

Posted on August 28, 2012


If the outcome of the case of Rachel Corrie wasn’t enough to convince that anything said and accused of Israel was something easily brushed off, then it’s the latest of a series of whitewashes that the Knesset and supreme court are responsible for.

The American activist was run over by a bulldozer demolishing a Palestinian home in Rafah, Gaza in March 2003. Corrie was adjudged that she “was accidentally killed in the framework of a ‘war-related activity’ … [and] the state bears no responsibility for the damages inflicted on the plaintiffs resulting from a war-related action,” said Judge Oded Gershon at Haifa district court.

Human rights organizations have warned of a ‘dangerous precedent’, even by Israel’s standards. The quandary of renewed attempts to kick start negotiations between Israel and Palestine is continually undermined and now look like aeons apart from their ends of the table. There can be no excuses for this incident either, like many others before it – Corrie was wearing a high-visibility jacket, with a claim that the driver of the bulldozer not being able to see her. Anything goes in the name of Zionism, even the lives of American citizens.

Time and time again, Israel acts with total impunity and flagrant disregard for human rights and international law, right from its very inception when it ethnic cleansed, expelled and depopulated an entire native people of Palestine. And 63 years on from that catastrophe, it’s a reality that’s being faced every single day by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs alike.

Though in the last decade, the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement have asserted themselves to call for a campaign of indeed, the said words aforementioned to force Israel into complying with international law and ending the apartheid and dismantlement of the wall across the West Bank. And it’s working – Popular pressure has forced retailers to stop selling Israeli produce and produce from illegal settlements in particular. The consumer boycott is beginning to bite, too: a fifth of Israeli exporters reported a drop in demand as a result of the boycott in the wake of the Gaza massacre. Other guilty parties include Carmel Agrexco, Ahava, Eden Springs, Motorola and Soda Stream.

Melanie Phillips, the Daily Mail columnist stated that Israel’s battle of public opinion was a losing one in the west. It’s a view that Shimon Peres, the Israeli President concurs with as he stated that the country was losing public support everywhere. With it having the biggest bullies backing it up financially and militarily (though not mutually exclusive) and not being friendly to its neighbours, occupying parts of Lebanon and Syria, topped off with a cold, soon to heat up war with Iran, Israel could isolate itself not just from the wider world, but also potentially from its most ardent supporters.

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