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David Sye Interview – part 2

April 28, 2016


Following on from Part 1 of the interview with Yogabeats founder David Sye, here’s part 2, where we’re sat just after dinner, talking about why he doesn’t give a shit for yoga, being threatened with a lynching at an anti-fur event and the future of the collective consciousness. Can you talk me through the initiative […]

David Sye Interview Part 1

March 28, 2016


Back in November I spent a week in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands at a yoga retreat, as part of a humanitarian campaign called Yogabeats. The objective, via raising £17,000 – to pay for visas and a safe passage out of the West Bank – through crowdfunding and other means of fundraising, was to bring […]

Rachel Corrie further dents Israel’s losing battle of public opinion

August 28, 2012


If the outcome of the case of Rachel Corrie wasn’t enough to convince that anything said and accused of Israel was something easily brushed off, then it’s the latest of a series of whitewashes that the Knesset and supreme court are responsible for. The American activist was run over by a bulldozer demolishing a Palestinian […]

An interview with Neturei Karta

July 13, 2012


A short while ago I wrote a piece on the Orthodox anti-zionist group Neturei Karta, which can be read here. I also wanted to know a bit more about the group in particular and managed to get a few words from Rabbi E. Beck. Based in New York, they took time out from their very […]

A Man on Hunger Strike for 64 Days Yet the World Stays Silent

February 19, 2012


At the time of writing, Khader Adnan, a Palestinian baker from the West Bank village of Arabeh, near Jenin has been on hunger strike for 64 days in protest to him being detained without trial, charge, evidence levelled against him or questioning. He was taken from his home by force by Israeli troops in front […]

US Foreign Policy, Israel and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

February 8, 2012


In November 2002, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon demanded that the Bush administration should turn its full attention on Iran “the day after” the Iraq invasion was over. True to form with the tail wagging the dog – and its clear to know full well who does what within Congress – the drums of […]

Middle East is home, I know this now

January 5, 2012


I recall my upbringing being quite a strict and diligent to the traditional ways they’d brought with them from my mother’s Jordan and father’s Eritrea respectively. A common trait despite the mix of East Africa and the Middle East was essentially two things – Arabic and Islam. And they were going to drill those into […]