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EXCLUSIVE: ​Mayor of Seoul Interview

July 25, 2019


In early June, I headed out to South Korea for the DMZ Peace Train Festival and Conference, where the Mayor, Park Won-Soon gave 15 minutes of his time to talk to me exclusively about the festival, plans for the city and his $100m pledge to make Seoul a music hub, in the wake of BTS […]

Interview: The thoughts of Strokes Producer Gordon Raphael

January 8, 2015


An interview with legendary Strokes producer, musician and travel-hopper.

Interview: Ady Croasdell of 6T’s 100 Club Shows

December 19, 2014


Keeping the faith 35 years on with Northern Soul stalwart, Ady Croasdell.

Why I Love The Smiths

September 19, 2014


The Smiths formed because they walked home in the rain too much so it goes. But they were the songs that saved my life.

My No.1 album of all-time: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

August 22, 2014


Ever since its release in 1991, there's not been a single record that has matched it in terms of imagination. In fact, it's quite possibly the most original album in the last 20 years.

Top Ten Don’ts of DJing Etiquette

June 26, 2012


I’ve been DJing for a number of years mostly in London and sometimes across the country. I meet a number of interesting characters and it’s also at times made me gather a large amount of hate I have for mankind. Why? Because I’m convinced that people congregated in one space in a small room make […]

Remembrance of The Chart Show

April 24, 2012


The Chart Show was a programme in the UK aired during Saturday lunchtimes showcasing the latest in up-and-coming and established artists in the Top 40 on ITV. It ceased to air in 2000 but had a separate short-lived channel for a few years before its death knell. To this day it still amasses a cult […]

Chewed and Spat Out – The tale of the also-ran band

April 16, 2012


If you’re about to form a band, or if you’re in a band already, you might want to listen up. Yeah, you with the Top Shop/American Apparel skinny fit v-necked outfit you pathetic excuse for a musician. Look, I can even distract you as easily as this, watch: FREE BEER! See? Now listen, and listen […]

The bubble has finally burst – This is Year Zero

March 12, 2012


It’s finally happened. The honeymoon period, if you can call it that is over. If it ever really began, mind. The last decade was prolonging and holding off what was completely and inevitable. This was as certain to have happened as night follows day. What could I be possibly be nattering on about? Well, what […]

My attachment to record stores

March 11, 2012


I was out and about in Central London window shopping recently, browsing around for bargains to be had, whilst I have barely a penny to my name that is addressed to me on my bank statements every month. Because like most of us, I’m quite the consumerist, I like my food and I’m also a […]